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  • Manufacturer: Azek Building Products

AZEK® Deck is engineered to last beautifully. These elegant, on-trend products are protected with Alloy Armour Technology™ (AAT), the latest in materials science innovation. So, unlike wood, AZEK decking materials resist scratches, stains, insects, moisture, mold, and mildew, and we promise protection from cupping, cracking, and more with our 30-year limited fade and stain and lifetime limited warranties.

  • Manufacturer: Grip-Rite
  • Model Number: GRTMP16

With all the functionality of a full-sized palm nailer at one-third the size and weight, the Grip-Rite GRTMP16 Mini Palm Nailer fits into tight spaces where a full-sized palm nailer can't. It drives up to a 3-1/2-inch 16d nail without creating hammer marks, and it features a magnetic nose to hold the nail in place, so you get accurate placement every time.

  • Manufacturer: Titebond Adhesives & Sealants

GREENchoice Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive offers superior interior and exterior strength. Its all-purpose versatility is ideal for all common building materials. It provides a strong grab, fills gaps and irregularities and will remain permanently flexible.

Home Slicker® Plus Typar® is a cost-effective, labor and material saving, moisture eliminating rainscreen combined with a water resistive barrier. Each roll contains the patented Home Slicker three-dimensional matrix bonded to Typar, the premium residential and commercial grade housewrap. Home Slicker® 10 Plus Typar® was created to comply with new Canadian building codes.

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