What Makes A Product Green?

What Makes A Product Green?

Green products are the catalysts that drive our movement toward a cleaner earth, but what makes a product green? Since the term “green” is used so often today for so many different concepts, how do we quantify it? According to the US Green Building Council, it’s all about what goes in, what comes out and what effect the product has on our environment and clean earth sustainability. Green rules are vast, but true “eco-friendly” products will always belong to one or more of the following eco-positive categories:


  1. Products made with recycled, salvaged or agricultural waste content
    1. Products with pre-consumer recycled content
    2. Salvaged products
    3. Products with post-consumer recycled content
    4. Products made from agricultural waste material

  2. Products that conserve natural resources
    1. Products that reduce material use
    2. Products with exceptional durability or low maintenance requirements
    3. Certified wood products
    4. Rapidly renewable products

  3. Products that avoid toxic or other emissions
    1. Natural or minimally processed products
    2. Alternatives to ozone-depleting substances
    3. Alternatives to hazardous products
    4. Products that reduce or eliminate pesticide treatments
    5. Products that reduce storm water pollution
    6. Products that reduce impacts from construction or demolition activities
    7. Products that reduce pollution or waste from operations

  4. Products that save energy or water
    1. Building components that reduce heating and cooling loads
    2. Equipment that conserves energy and manages loads
    3. Renewable energy and fuel cell equipment
    4. Fixtures and equipment that conserve water

  5. Products that contribute to a safe, healthy built environment
    1. Products that do not release significant pollutants into the building
    2. Products that block the introduction, development, or spread of indoor contaminants
    3. Products that remove indoor pollutants
    4. Products that warn occupants of health hazards in the building
    5. Products that improve light quality
    6. Products that help control noise
    7. Products that enhance community well-being


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